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People in Jersey have experienced some very hot weather recently.
Climate scientists have reported that they expect Earth’s temperature to continue increasing. Rising sea levels and heat waves, droughts, and floods could be something that we see more often. These changes may affect almost every aspect of  human life. 



Climate change animation

Jersey's Carbon Neutral Roadmap

UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites

Links with more information

Jersey Met

Official Government of Jersey Met Section. Daily weather forecasts, climate and weather information.

Climate kids: Big questions

Let NASA help you to answer six big questions about climate change.

What is climate change?

BBC Bitesize introduces climate change to Key Stage 2.

What is climate change?

BBC Bitesize introduces climate change to Key Stage 3.

Kids Climate change

Climate change is the most important issue of our time right now- it will affect every part of our lives, from the weather to the animals on the planet. But what is climate change?

A guide to climate change for kids

Has your child ever wondered what climate change is and why we care about it so much? NASA scientists have produced a guide from their studies. Your child may be able to read this guide for themselves to find out more.

How to talk to young people about climate change

UNICEF have produced this PDF guide. It shares some top tips for speaking to children and young people about climate change. Have honest conversations that give hope
whilst not ignoring the reality and scale of the problem.

Climate change history

Is your child interested in the history of climate change and how we came to learn about it? This link will explain more.

Save the Earth

More information from National Geographic Kids.