Healthy living and transport


The government is currently reviewing ways to facilitate carbon neutrality in Jersey.  This will help to address your, and our planet’s health. These two issues are intrinsically linked.


By introducing measures to enable safe walking and cycling and the use of ultra-low and zero emission vehicles, transport will become more sustainable, reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

Jersey is also trying to achieve a fine balance between protecting a valuable environment of international importance with a farming industry.

You can help your child to understand this in simple terms from an early age. Your child's school will constantly reinforce this through their curriculum, campaigns on healthy eating and travel plans which encourage you to join a Cycling Crocodile or a Walking Bus.

It is also important to stay safe in the sun. There is more information about how to keep safe and healthy on our Safety, Health and Wellbeing page.



Explaining carbon neutrality

Inspiring an active Jersey

Links for more information

Fairtrade: Climate change Your child can learn about the life of farmers globally on the front line of climate change and the challenges they face.
The Sustainable Cooperative SCOOP will help your child understand about how, as an organisation, it works to create a sustainable supply of food within the Island.
How to stay safe in the sun BBC Newsround provides guidance so you  can help your child stay safe in the hot weather.
Earth kids This website brings you details of Easter and summer camps in Jersey for children who love the great outdoors.
Jersey national park Information about the Jersey National Park which aims to protect, conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of our island.
London Wildlife Trust A PDF of outdoor activity ideas for different age groups.
Walk, ride or scoot to school Why walking, riding or scooting to school is great for you and the environment and what you can do to make the journey fun! YouTube video.
Cycling programmes for children Jersey Sport offer a range of cycling programmes for you and your child.
Family friendly cycling routes Sometimes it is tough to find a safe place to cycle with your child. This information will help you with some safer routes.