Learning resources 

Accessing learning opportunities at home

On this page you'll find links to various learning resources to help support learning at home activities.

There are many new and exciting ideas emerging during this period, many of which can be accessed at home to help support your teenager. The English National Ballet’s classes for example have full performances to watch and classes to follow.

Below are links to support with home learning, from practical problems in science, visual tours in art, to activities and videos for English and mathematics.

'Be curious' - Stephen Hawking

Helpful links

Link Age  Description Cost

Learn Jèrriais

7 to 16 years

Resources, stories and support from the Jèrriais team

Tate Kids 5 to 16 years

Play free art games and fun quizzes, find art activities, and read about artists

Parental permission advised to access the site 

BBC Bitesize  3 to 18 years Daily lessons, videos and activities categorised by age and subject that cover the whole curriculum Free
Google Arts and Culture  5 to 16 years Virtual museum tours, explore artists and their work, source referencing for projects Free
NatGeo@Home  5 to 16 years National Geographic's family-friendly educational content, including quizzes, videos and science experiments, in age-appropriate collections Free
Globe TV  11 to 16 years Plays streamed live every fortnight, available to watch free of charge for that two-week period Free
Globe Resources 11 to 16 years Activities to engage students in the works of William Shakespeare  Free
NT Live  14 to 16 years Every Thursday the National Theatre is streaming previous live productions which will then be available on YouTube for seven days Free
Amazon Audible  5 to 18 years A range of stories to download and enjoy, audiobooks, original series and podcasts. Many available in a number of different languages Free
Jersey Library  3 to 18 years A link to Jersey Library services. A wide range of eBooks for all ages are available to library members Free
National Archives UK  11 to 18 years A resource to support learning about different periods in history, from medieval times to the present day. Provides learning activities and access to archives, photos, documents Free
Numberphile 11 to 18 years Videos about unusual mathematics, puzzles and games from a range of presenters (YouTube) Free
Corbett Maths 5-a-day  14 to 16 years 5 questions a day with answers. Questions aimed at particular grades Free
Mathpickle  3 to 18 years Activities that support problem solving and reasoning with a playful mind-set. Includes puzzles, games and mini competitions, separated into age-appropriate groups 


NRICH  3 to 18 years Activities that support problem solving and reasoning. Includes graded challenges, separated into age appropriate groups and additional parental guidance


Royal Society Science at Home - Secondary  11 to 16 years Links to Royal Society lectures and videos for students to explore, providing additional learning on current issues around science, mathematics and computing 


Practical Action  5 to 16 years Opportunities to learn about real world issues and to develop solutions for real life problems


Stem from Home  6 to 14 years Activities including coding, environmental sustainability and robotics