About Learning At Home

Support for you and your child

In the current challenging situation, where schools have been closed to many families, there is still an ambition to continue to educate children and young people across Jersey. 

The demands that this places on parents, carers and indeed our schools cannot be underestimated.  

‘As a parent or carer, no one expects you to be a subject matter expert or teacher. The most important thing you can do is to continue to provide comfort, support and encouragement to your child and work closely with their school’

Senator Tracey Vallois, Minister for Education


How 'Learning At Home' can help

'Learning At Home' has been designed to support you in carrying out the significant task of home learning, providing you with guidance, learning resources and some fun activities to try at home. 

It has been created with the purpose of supplementing the significant work schools do to support parents, carers and pupils. It is not designed to replace work done by schools, in the same way that you are not expected to replace your child’s teacher.  

The content and guidance here stems from collective work across the Department of Children, Young People, Education and Skills. This will continue to be revised and will grow and change across time, guided by feedback from you.