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Support with learning activities at home

This page has links and documents that include games, activities and fun tasks to develop reading, writing and number skills and a range of other curriculum areas for children between the ages of 5 and 11. This information is designed to supplement work provided by your child’s school.

'Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn' - Benjamin Franklin

Helpful links

Link Age  Description Cost

Promoting talk at home

5 to 11 years

A resource to support communication and language development


Lost and Found

5 to 11 years

Audio book by Oliver Jeffers (YouTube). Parental permission advised to access the site


The Storm Whale

5 to 11 years

Story read by Jane Cartwright (YouTube). Parental permission advised to access the site


The Sound Collector

5 to 11 years

Poem read by Roger McGough (YouTube). Parental permission advised to access the site


Learn Jèrriais

7 to 16 years

Resources, stories and support from the Jèrriais team


World Book Day Resources

5 to 11 years

Resources to encourage reading all year round


Book Trust Home Time

5 to 11 years

The Home Time hub has books, videos and games to enjoy


Art Room at Home:Space

5 to 11 years

Explores ideas of connection and isolation based on the book 'The Darkest Dark' (PDF)


Art Room at Home:Seasons

5 to 11 years

Create a tree as a shared project using everyday objects, and learn about artists (PDF)


Tate Kids

5 to 16 years
Art games, activities, quizzes and information about artists
Parental permission advised to access the site 


5 to 11 years
Create your own story book, including text and illustrations
Parental permission advised to access the site 

Primary Music

5 to 11 years
Music resources, including songs and videos

Hampton Court Palace

9 to 11 years
Stories about the Tudors and Elizabethans at Hampton Court Palace

Lost Lands Ancient Egypt

7 to 9 years

Video from the BBC introducing the topic of Ancient Egypt

JORVIK Viking Centre

9 to 11 years Videos about Viking artefacts created by the JORVIK Viking Centre Free
Famous Nurses 7 to 9 years

Printable worksheets on Florence Nightingale and more, in 'Nursing: Past, Present and Future' (PDF)

Florence Nightingale Museum 7 to 9 years Video and other information about the life of Florence Nightingale Free
Apollo Programme Facts for Kids 9 to 11 years Facts about the Apollo space missions Free
BBC Bitesize  3 to 18 years Daily lessons, videos and activities categorised by age and subject that cover the whole curriculum Free
Google Arts and Culture  5 to 16 years Virtual museum tours exploring artists and their work Free



7 to 11 years


Create stories, games and animations, whilst developing creativity and reasoning skills

NatGeo@Home  5 to 16 years Quizzes, videos and science experiments, in age-appropriate collections  Free
Amazon Audible  5 to 18 years Stories to download and enjoy, many available in a number of different languages Free
Education Endowment Foundation  5 to 11 years Tips for parents reading with their child  Free
David Walliams 
8 to 11 years Hear David Walliams reads his own stories with this collection of audio recordings Free
Jersey Library  3 to 18 years A wide range of eBooks available online to members of the Jersey Library Free
Teach My Monster to Read  5 to 7 years Games and activities for children in the early stages of reading Free
Oxford Owl English  5 to 11 years Activities and advice to support across all areas of English Free
Literacy Shed  7 to 11 years Videos, questions and activities that are useful prompts for writing  Free
Pobble  7 to 14 years Images to inspire creative writing tasks Free
Top Marks  5 to 11 years Indexed games for all areas of the mathematics curriculum Free
I SEE MATHS  5 to 11 years Videos, games and activities for the learning of key number concepts Free and paid
Numberblocks  5 to 11 years Animated adventures of the characters 1 to 20 Free
Oxford Owl Mathematics  5 to 11 years Supporting children to learn the four rules of number, + - x / and time  Free
Mathpickle  3 to 18 years Fun puzzles, games and activities that support problem solving and reasoning Free
NRICH  3 to 18 years Activities that support problem solving and reasoning, including graded challenges Free
Royal Society Science at Home  7 to 11 years Links to videos on current issues around science, mathematics and computing  Free
Practical Action  5 to 16 years Opportunities to learn about real world issues and to develop solutions for real life problems    Free
STEM from Home  6 to 14 years Activities including coding, environmental sustainability and robotics Free