Biodiversity is all about maintaining a high level of animal, plant and insect life both locally in Jersey and globally across the world. 


Why is biodiversity important?

People need biodiversity

Links with more information

Nature and wildlife Jersey is blessed with an incredible diversity of wild habitats and native species. Read more about them from National Trust Jersey.
Pondwatch Spot wildlife in a pond and share your sightings to help pond conservation!
Pollinator project The Pollinator Project is a Channel Island initiative set up to help stop the decline in pollinating insects.
Insect guide A PDF guide to help you recognise and count pollinators in Jersey.

Surveying bats

The iBats 2022 report

A PDF to help you survey bats in your area in Jersey.

The report contains data collected through the iBatS monitoring scheme, which used mobile bat recording technology over a 10-year period.

Reptile watch Search for reptiles and share your findings.
Hedgehog preservation Learn more about looking after hedgehogs in Jersey and where support can be found.
Science and bees The British Bee Keepers Association encourages children to take a closer look at these small living creatures.
Early years resources The World Wildlife Fund has created a set of resources to support your child with learning about sustainability.
Forest visits Forestry England have produced some resources to help you have fun in woodland areas.
Biodiversity, natural capital Learn how human activity is making global warming worse, and how it is affecting all life on land.