Jersey school projects


Schools in Jersey often take part in projects together.

If your child takes part in these projects, we thought it would be interesting to share more about them and to give you some idea of how the schools are getting involved. Ask your child about about some of the projects, and perhaps share this page with them.

We hope this gives you the chance to know more about what is happening in Education. We will add to the projects over time.

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The Map of Wonders

The Map of Wonders is a beacon art and design project. It culminated in a two-week exhibition in October at Capital House, St Helier.

The project combined the distinct character of Jersey with a commitment to sustainability and the rights of children. Using art and design to support young people's personal development has been a positive and powerful influence in the shadow of the pandemic.

The aim of the project was to improve the wellbeing of children across primary schools by promoting communication and relationship-building through creative activities that encourage children to work together.

The project was made up of seven episodes, with a series of quests rolled out between October 2020 and July 2021. After a successful year, the project was extended into the academic year 2021-2022.

Each episode was based on a short film, created by ArtHouse Jersey, featuring locally born performer The Story Beast (John Henry Falle). The episodes focussed on learning about aspects of Jersey using tales of local history and folklore. It was also a celebration of the diversity of our island community.

The project intends to engage children in the history of Jersey, whilst enhancing their sense of belonging.

The project is a product of the Genesis Programme, a partnership between the Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills and ArtHouse Jersey with generous support from Saltgate PLC.

Teacher and children in classroom

Oracy workshops

15 Jersey schools are participating in Oracy workshops conducted by Voice 21, a UK education Charity.

Oracy, quite simply, means students learning through talk and to talk in the classroom.

Through the workshops, students will develop and deepen their knowledge and understanding of various subjects while also becoming better listeners.

Spoken language skills are shown to make children confident and give them a huge head-start in their lives and careers when they leave school.

Over the next few months, you can read about the progress of the workshops and their impact on our students here.

Learn more about Oracy and Voice 21 here

Children reading

The Reading Fluency project

Primary and secondary schools across Jersey are focussing on how pupils read aloud to develop their understanding and confidence.

The Reading Fluency project is being developed across primary and secondary schools in Jersey.

The focus is on developing how pupils read aloud. It covers aspects such as the pace of reading, phrasing, and the use of appropriate expression and intonation.

Research has shown that pupils who develop these skills are much more likely to be confident readers who have a good understanding of what they read.

The project includes opportunities to hear and 'echo' how fluent readers sound. Pupils read short, exciting stories, poems and non-fiction together.

They also re-read more challenging texts to ensure that they understand new vocabulary.