50 things to do before you're five in Jersey


The 50 things to do before you’re five app is available to everyone. It was launched in 2022 by The Government of Jersey, in collaboration with the Best Start Partnership organisation. It includes fifty fun, low cost or no cost activities that will help you to promote positive health and wellbeing habits with your child.

The activities support early child development, promote language and communication, physical activity and outdoor play.

How to access the app

You can download the app for free on your smartphone or tablet from the relevant app store by searching for 50 Things To Do. You will then be asked to choose a location, where you can select Jersey.

Here's the link:

What is 50 things to do before you're five?

What will I find on the app?

The activities on the app promote your child’s natural curiosity, providing you with ideas for things to do at home and outdoors.

Jersey offers many unique opportunities for you and your child to enjoy and explore together. 

Each of the 50 activities are supported by top tips, local links, stories to share and guidance on how activities can be adapted if you have a child with special educational needs or a disability.

Why is the app important?

The app has been developed because we want all children in Jersey to have the best start in life. We also want to build your confidence and support you as a parent.

Your child will change significantly before reaching the age of two. The activities on the app will help you support the development of your child's brain and body whilst having fun and learning together.


"The Best Start Partnership believe that all children in Jersey deserve to have the best start in life. What children experience in their earliest years is key to their success in adulthood. The Partnership recognises that all parents want the best for their children and value the vital role played by parents and carers. Evidence is clear that what parents do with their babies and young children shapes their development, educational attainment and life chances."
Dr Cathy Hamer, Independent Chair, Best Start Partnership