Support during flooding

This week, we have experienced a lot of bad weather, from high winds to significant amounts of rain. This has caused flooding in certain places across Jersey. Your child may have seen this either in person or on the news. You may find that your child has a lot of questions and may want to talk to you.

Try following the tips below:

Make time to listen.

Children and young people may only have heard rumours or partial facts. Making time to listen to their worries is helpful. It gives them the chance to ask questions and helps them feel safe and listened to.

Be honest and age-appropriate in your answers.

You will need to decide how much detail you give your child based on their age and whether they know anyone who has been involved. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you don’t know the answer to their question.

Give them space to be scared or anxious.

After something bad happens, it’s normal to feel worried. When children and young people can talk about their difficult feelings with a trusted adult, it helps them cope with these feelings. Let them know they are safe. Remind them that incidents like this are very rare, and that there are a lot of people working to help keep everyone safe.

Parents and carers are best placed to reassure children and young people in this situation. In addition, schools will also provide routine and predictability for children, so do retain close links with your child’s school as we work through this situation.

Here are some other links and contact details that may be useful:

Government of Jersey website
Andium Homes
YES Project
Youth Project opening times