Summertime fun

Summer always brings a smile and 'Beautiful Jersey' is at its best in the sunshine.

The long days and opportunity to visit the beaches, cliff paths and countryside provide you with beautiful views and plenty chances to enjoy time in the great outdoors with your child.

Now the school summer holidays are here we wanted to encourage families to get out into our beautiful environment, to have some fun and enjoy learning together using everything that Jersey has to offer.

We have put together a whole host of easily accessed, low cost activities, resources and videos to give busy parents some ideas for the summer. There are things to do outdoors, or activities to try at home and we hope you will find something to help you during the school holidays with your child. You can adapt most of the activities to match the age and needs of your child.

You will also find more resources on our pages for 3 to 5 year olds and 5 to 11 year olds , or you may wish to download the app for 50 Things To Do Before You're Five.


You can try some or all of our activities to fit in with the time you have available.

You may wish to reward your child when they have completed some of the activities. Here is a certificate to print off and fill in to show how well they have done and to encourage them to try even more. There are 85 activities and fun things to choose from.

As you complete any activities, keep a record of them. When you think you child needs some encouragement, you can mark their progress with our Learning at Home Summertime Fun certificate.

Parental permission is advised when clicking on the activity links. Some activities may require some adult support.

Make a summertime memory box Complete a cliff walk Take on the Library reading challenge Create a sand sculpture Make a bird feeder from recycled materials
Make a daisy chain Cook a pizza Make a windmill  Start a sketchbook  Play football on the beach
Create a mini-pond Cycle or skate Design and make a set of playing cards Join the library and read a book Travel on a bus
Visit the Harbour Gallery and learn about a local artist Practice tying your shoelaces Play football on the beach Visit the Fish Market and learn the names of some shellfish Design some new trainers
Collect as many numbers as you see in a day Make a grass head Build your own crossword Spot a Marsh Harrier at the Wetland Centre Sketch a key, a shell and a flower
Whistle with grass Go on a bug safari Write a song Collect some leaves and seeds Find out about Jersey's red squirrels
Make some rubbings with crayons Roll down a sand dune Make a newspaper hat Visit a valley and find a stream Sketch a castle
Design and make a bug house Run around and splash in the rain Hunt for treasures on the beach Create a collage Make an apple pie
Bat watch at dusk in St Peter's Valley Make some Jersey Wonders Have a water fight Go Razor fishing at La Rocque Go for a paddle at Green Island
Make a windchime Go for a picnic Build a blanket den Make dry pasta jewellery Learn to play hopscotch
Make an ice cream sundae Hoolahoop Learn a magic trick Make a paper plane Watch a sunset at St Ouen
Fly a kite on the beach Create a photo album Design and make a board game to play Thread some popcorn chains Write and illustrate your own story book
Draw your family tree Build a robot Make a friendship bracelet Design a castle Take a walk through the Forgotten Forest at Val de la Mare
Paint a pebble Bubble play Make a boat Plan an afternoon tea party for toys, family or friends

Go rockpooling (Tide Table)

Take a walk in the countryside Wash your toys Make some spinners Grow cress in egg shells
Make an ice bowl Scoot or skateboard Write tongue twister Plant some sunflowers Make salt dough seashell turtles 
Design your dream bedroom  Complete a jigsaw puzzle  Make a puppet Swim in the sea Make and eat your own ice lollies