Spring-time fun

A celebration of spring

The coming of spring always makes us think of new beginnings.
The days get longer and there are bursts of colour from the daffodils and blossoming trees.
Signs of new life are arrive in nesting boxes, on farms and in garden ponds.
Along the lanes, banks, woodland and valleys on our beautiful island, you see all the trees and plants coming to life.
We know that spring and Easter are well and truly on their way.
Now that the weather is warming up, we want to encourage families to go outdoors, have fun and enjoy learning together, using everything that Jersey has to offer.
If you have a young child, the outdoor environment presents so much to explore and discover.
We have put together some activities, resources and videos to give you some ideas.
You will also find more resources on our pages for 3 to 5 year olds and 5 to 11 year olds.

"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush."
Doug Larson
Children in a field

Walking and nature hunts

Long walks in the fresh outdoors are good for the body and soul.
Coupled with nature hunts, they are a great way to get your child interested in everything around them.
In spring, as nature starts to wake up, there is so much to see.
Help your child notice leaves coming into bud, bulbs growing, flowers and blossoms developing as you go for walks with them.
Encourage them to use their senses to feel the softness of the moss, the stickiness of a leaf bud, and the smell of the flowers.
You may be lucky enough to find a piece of a bird's egg that has fallen to the ground or see some toad spawn in a pond.
Talk with your child about how spring is different to the other seasons. 
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Child watering plants

Gardening and growing

Spring is a great time to start growing things yourself and to introduce your child to gardening.
You don't need a garden to begin planting.
A windowsill with a few pots is often a great place to begin.
Growing things together encourages your child to talk with you about the changes that they see.
They begin to understand how nature works and learn to care for it.
These videos will give you ideas for growing a range of fruits and vegetables in your home even if you don't have a garden.

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Mother and child reading outdoors

Reading in the great outdoors

With clearer skies, spring sunshine and brighter light, it's lovely to sit and read outdoors.
If there's a nip in the air, you could bundle up nice and cozy and find a nice sunny spot to sit with your child and a book.
If you're travelling in a car, you can listen to an audio-book.
As for reading recommendations, there are lots of stories and books about animals, springtime and growing things.
Here are some book suggestions, as well as some online stories that you may want to listen together.

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Woman with Jersey cows

Learn more about Jersey farming

Jersey is well known for its farming and fishing communities, and we are so lucky to enjoy the wonderful food that they produce.
During the spring, you can see the Jersey Royals being planted and our beautiful Jersey cows grazing in the fields.
You will also catch sight of our fishermen bringing in a variety of fish and molluscs, including Jersey's famous oysters and lobsters.
Although Jersey is also known for many other vegetables, cheese and fruits, the produce mentioned above is the most internationally famous.
You can help your child learn more about these by exploring the following links and getting out across the island.

The big 4

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Girl making Easter crafts

Easter activities

Easter is a Christian religious festival and holiday that is celebrated all around the world.
Although the ceremonies and customs may vary, Easter is recognised as a time for renewal and growth.
Your child will probably have enjoyed some fun in their school towards the end of term with Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and perhaps an Easter egg hunt, all of which are traditions associated with Easter.
They may have also learned about the story of Easter and Lent.
You can read about it in greater detail in our World Festivals page.
However you celebrate, we hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy trying out some of our activities over the Easter break.

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