Safer Internet Day: together for a better internet

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally and this year it will be on the 9 February.

The theme for 2021 is 'An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world'.

The internet presents you and your child with a huge amount of information and opportunities online, but sometimes it can be difficult to know whether what you read is true or reliable. Navigating false information and untruths can be challenging and at worst it can alter thoughts, opinions and beliefs.

It is never too early to help your child to understand the strengths and weaknesses associated with going online. Everyone can work together to change the internet for the better.

Click on the links below to find more information, resources, videos and activities to help you and your child to share Safer Internet Day together.

You will also find more information on our digital safety page.


Helpful links



Keeping your devices safe Advice on important issues such as creating strong passwords, avoiding phishing and minimising the chance of getting a virus on your device
UK Safer Internet Centre Free resources  to help parents to talk to their children about online safety
UK Safer Internet Centre: Resources for parents and carers A range of online advice and support from key organisations Expert tips to help children tackle fake news and false information
Together for a better internet Information about Safer Internet Day
Safer Internet Day 2021: Top tips for the 3 to 7s Ideas to help you talk to your child about being online. It's never too early
Safer Internet Day 2021: Top tips for the 7 to 11s How to help your child to tell fact from fiction online
Safer Internet Day 2021: Top tips for the 11 to 18s Advice encouraging everyone to make the internet a better place and giving parents ideas of how to talk to teenagers about this
UK Safer Internet Centre: Films for 5 to 11 years These films are aimed at children and young people aged  5 - 11 exploring what we can trust on the internet as part of our Safer Internet Day 2021 campaign
UK Safer Internet Centre: Films for parents and carers Children and young people share their opinions on how their parents and carers can help with trust online
Safer Internet Day resources Resources to explore online safety with Primary and Secondary pupils
Get involved in Safer Internet Day Find out about trust and reliability online (YouTube). Parental permission advised to access the site