Easter activities and fun

Easter is a Christian religious festival and holiday that is celebrated all around the world.

Although the ceremonies and customs may vary, Easter is recognised as a time for renewal and growth. This year the season of Spring has been particularly beautiful and the daffodils and blossom trees have brought good cheer to everyone as we move away from the winter months.

Your child will probably have enjoyed some fun Easter activities in their school towards the end of term with Easter eggs, the Easter bunny and perhaps an Easter egg hunt, all of which form part of the traditions associated with Easter in Jersey. They may have also learned about Lent and the story of Easter, or made an Easter card or basket.

Easter is a playful time, so we hope you will enjoy this fun family holiday together.

In the links below, we hope you will find some fun things to do either at home or when you are out and about visiting different parts of our beautiful island. Some of the links are YouTube videos and will require parental permission.


Easter activities and fun

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